Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ice Cream Cake (the princess goat)

My son really wanted a "princess cake" for his "goat themed" birthday party. Why he'd want either a princess cake or a goat themed party is another story for another day. This is about the cake.

Putting the ice cream on the bottom layer

Smoothing the sides

The princess goat

A slice of ice cream cake.


Juliet said...

I bet it would have helped the sides of that first goat cake if the kids hadn't been opening the freezer all of the time! What do they want in there, anyway?

At any rate, the top looked fabulous, and it tasted great.

Maybe for Christmas, Santa will bring you another, kid-proof freezer.

Rebecca said...

I think they knew it was in there and wanted to LOOK.

We've been actually looking at a few freezers online. Ryan really wants one. I secretly suspect it's because of his Mormon upbringing. At least this is how it reveals itself and not in some other freaky way (read: fancypants).

I just can't seem to figure out where we'd keep it!